About CWS

About CWS

Welcome to the Center for Work Science (CWS) !!!


Information systems and technology has become ubiquitous and embedded in the work practices of all the occupations. Thus, changes are taking place in the way work is designed, performed, coordinated and monitored.  The nature of work as defined in the industrial age is now going through tremendous change. When the nature of work changes, there are broad and deep implications for the way we live and the way our society is operating. There are implications and consequences at the individual, organizational and social levels of analysis as well as across levels.


CWS is conducting pioneering research concerning these changing nature of work and workplace. Through close interactions with industries and public sectors, CWS is conducting an integrativ eand insightful resrach. New conceepts and frameworks are under development in order to guide building novel practices of management in coming knowledge based society. Please make sure you check out our project and publication pages in shich our key topics are presented with upcoming events information.


If you have any questions send email to jlee@yonsei.ac.kr




Jungwoo Lee



Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea