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IT 서비스 상황에서의 심리적 기제 : 갈등, 만족, 신뢰 그리고 몰입

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2017-02-09 04:00

박준기, 이혜정, 이정우. (2014). "IT 서비스 상황에서의 심리적 기제 : 갈등, 만족, 신뢰 그리고 몰입". 한국IT서비스학회지, 13(1):1-21.

In IT service quality research, the relationship between the service quality and clients’ satisfaction was the focus of many studies while in relationship quality research, the influence of trust and conflict on relationship commitment seems to be the focus. In this study, these two research streams are integrated and a theoretical research model is proposed consisting of IT service quality, satisfaction, trust and relationship commitment with conflict as a moderator for the overall psychological mechanism. As satisfaction represents emotional response while trust cognitive response, this research model integrated both emotional and cognitive aspects of relationship maintenance in the IT service context. Analysis of data collected from 262 employees of global IT service firm revealed the differential effects of reliability, responsiveness, assurance and empathy on satisfaction and trust. Also, depending upon the level of conflict, the effects of reliability and assurance were found to be moderated. Further analysis revealed more profound mechanism at work relating emotional and cognitive aspects in the psychology of relationship maintenance in IT service context. Practical implications are further discussed in the conclusion.