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스마트 배움터 시스템 설계에 관한 연구

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2017-02-09 03:58

이정우, 이혜정, 김민선. (2013). "스마트 배움터 시스템 설계에 관한 연구". 지식경영연구, 14(1):121-132.

In education, innovative ways of teaching and learning are always under development and keep being proposed with advanced concepts since the ancient times, Student-centered learning, problem-based learning and cooperative learning have been three major trends under development in secondary education research and practice more than a decade or so. Combined with advanced information and communication technologies, these trends will greatly transform the way we teach and learn in classroom environment and may change the classroom environment itself, into a more interactive and self-centered coaching type environment. In this study, a smart environment that utilizes advanced information technology devices and network is conceptualized, accommodating requirements contained and proposed in the recent trendy pedagogies. Pedagogical cases dicussed in these trends are analyzed in detail, producing requirements for such a learning and coaching environment. These requirements are modeled using unified modeling language, leading to a proposal of a basic architecture for an information system supporting this environment.