[KS] TV is changing to be more like Netflix

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2017-02-09 16:55

흥미로운 기사거리가 있어서 여러분들에게 공유하려고 합니다.

TV is changing to be more like Netflix

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Netflix가 OTT로서 막강한 힘을 가져나감으로써 TV 프로그램 제작에도 영향을 미치고 사람들의 시청 행태도 바뀐다.

Binge watching(TV 몰아보기)이 대세이기에 시리즈물 제작도 거기에 맞추어서 한다고 합니다.

Some TV networks are changing the way they develop and release new shows, and even commercials, as they struggle to get in step with the "binge-watching" phenomenon made popular by Netflix.

A big component is a shift toward serialized shows, where the plot unfolds with each episode.

TV executives are also working with advertisers to change commercials, so binge-viewers stay engaged. 

But with the rise of binge-watching, TV networks see a chance to hook viewers through cliffhangers. They make batches of current episodes available on-demand through cable boxes or online apps, and sell them later to the likes of Netflix.

Forty-six percent of millennials watch shows after they air, according to media researcher Comscore. And 42 percent of viewers binge-watch multiple episodes of a show, one to two times per month.

 Forty-three percent of viewers prefer to binge watch shows via their DVRs, compared to only 19 percent who do so through video on demand, according to Comscore.

CBS is considering adding serialized commercials, to make sure that binge viewers are not exposed to the same ad again and again, and draw them in with a story, said David Poltrack, chief research officer at CBS.

It all comes down to networks realizing that streaming video has become one of broadcast television's biggest threats, and potentially its salvation, said Dave Morgan, chief executive of Simulmedia, a New York-based ad tech firm.

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