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Grants and Projects

Desirable Digital Government Model,” National Information Society Agency, 2016

An Exploratory Study on Knowledge State, Process and Convergence in Start Up Teams,” National Research Foundation of Korea, 2016

Knowledge Sharing in Information Systems Development Projects: Searching for Dependence and Trust, “ National Research Foundation of Korea, 2015

Work Science: Collaborative Study and Exchange Program Development,” Korea America Special Cooperation Project, National Research Foundation of Korea, 2015

Information Island: Islands, Archipelago and Continent,” Publication Support Program, National Research Foundation of Korea, 2013~2015

Smart Work and Qualify of Life, Social Science Korea 2012, 2012.9 ~2015.8 (participating)

A Study on Smart Work Implementation Strategy, National Information Society Agency, 2011.6~2011.11 (participating)

Mid and Long Term Plan for Smart Work, RAPA, 2011.4~2011.10 (participating)

A Study on Activating Smart Work, National Information Strategy Committee, 2011.5~2011.10 (participating)

Developing Integrated U-City Operation Platform, Ministry of Land and Transportation, 2010.5~2013.4 (PI)

Investigative Study on Homepage Satisfaction in Web-Hosting Environment, City of Seoul, 2010.11~2011.2 (PI)

A Basic Study on Five Year Plan for Cultural Heritage Korea, Cultural Heritage Administration Korea with Korean Society for Heritage Policy, 2010.12 (participating)

An Analytical Study on Success Factors for Smart Applications: An International Study for Design Guideline, City of Seoul, 2010.10~2011.9 (participating)

Developing a Bi-directional Transmission Control System for Multi Devices, City of Seoul, 2010.9~2012.8 (participating)

International Market Strategic Planning for Packaging Spatial Information, Ministry of Land and Sea, 2010.7~2010.12 (PI)

Mobile Content Delivery Authoring Solution, Ministry of Industry and Trade, 2010.5~2011.4 (participating)

A Study on Frequency Management Policy in Broadcasting and Telecommunication Convergence Era, KISDI, 2010.1~2010.12 (participating)

Improving Next Generation Multi-Website Editing and Management Platform, City of Seoul, 2009.12~2011.11 (PI)

Analysis of Knowledge Sharing Mechanism in IT Services: with focus on Knowledge Network Analysis, Korea Research Foundation, 2009.11~2010.10 (PI)

Organizational Redesign for Improving Organizational Operation System, Korean Society for Organizational Research, 2009. 10 (participating)

Framework Development via Literature Review Concerning Internet Press Characterization, Yonsei University, 2008.12~2011.8, (PI)

Developing a Program for Understanding the Interaction of Science, Technology, Society, Ethics and Science Policy “Korea Foundation for the Advancement of Science and Creativity, 2009.4~2009.10 (participating)

Analyzing Contribution of National Informatization Actions towards National Green Growth and National Information Society Agency, 2009.5~2009.9 (PI)

Policy Instrumentation Study on TV-based Public Administration Service, National Information Society Agency, 2008.12 ~ 2009.05 (PI)

Information Quality in Ubiquitous Society, Yonsei University, 2008.3~2009.2 (PI)

Industry Strategy Analysis of VoIP, Yonsei University, 2007.4~2008.4 (PI)

Developing a Authorship and Quality Certification System, OTandC, 2007.10~2008.4. (PI) 

“Evaluating Knowledge Management Projects in Korea,” Korea Agency for Digital Opportunities and Promotion, 2006. 8 ~ 2006.11 (PI)

 “Universal Search Technology Development for Culture Content Circulation,” Korea Culture and Content Agency, 2005. 7. ~ 2006.4. (participating)

“Future of ICT in Ubiquitous Environment,” Korean Society for Industrial Organizations, 2005.4. - 2005.8. (participating)

“Price Determination for Internet Contents Services,” Korea Research Foundation, 2004.12 ~ 2005.11 (PI)

“E-Business Policy Framework,” Korea Institute for Electronic Commerce, 2004.12- 2005. 03 (PI)

“Supporting Electronic Business Education in Graduate Schools: Yonsei Consortium (Application Development),” Korea Institute for Electronic Commerce, 2004-2005 (PI)

“E-Business Technology Development: Partnership Relation Management Platform,” Korea Institute for Electronic Commerce, 2004.7  2005. 6 (PI)

“Policy Instrumentation for Information Management Systems Program,” Korea Information Management Institute for SMEs, 2003.10-2004.1 (PI)

“Quality Assurance for Cultural Digital Contents,” Korea Culture and Content Agency, 2003.10-2004.2 (participating)

“Supporting Electronic Business Education in Universities: Sejong/Hanyang/Sogang/Yonsei Consortium (Application Programming),” Korea Institute for Electronic Commerce, 2003 (participating)

“Industry Report on Trust Services,” Korea Institute for Electronic Commerce, 2003.1. (participating)

“SMB Informatization and Innovation Consulting Consortium,” Korea Information Management Institute for SMEs,  2002 – 2004 (PI)

“Contents Pricing,” Yonsei University, 2002 (PI)

“Interfunctional Conflict, Conflict Resolution Styles and Success of Information Systems,” New Investigator Awards, University of Nevada Las Vegas, 2001 to 2003 (PI)

“Information Technology and Administrative Reform: the Nevada Government Experience,” Applied Research Initiative, the State of Nevada and University of Nevada Las Vegas, 2000 to 2002, (Co principal investigator with Dr. Karen Layne)

“Annotated Bibliography on IS Performance Measures and Cultural Assessment” in Truex, Caldow and Shank, “Reshaping the IS Culture: Understanding Organizational Culture in High-Performance Information Systems Organizations,” Research Report for SIM/IBM Working Group, Atlanta: Georgia State University, 995 (participating)